Bob Costas: MLB Should Footnote 2017 Astros World Series as 'Not Authentic'

Bob Costas: “The general feeling among players is that 29 teams were the victims and one team was the perpetrator… Just like Barry Bonds’ 762 home runs, people have a mental asterisk next to that and they view Hank Aaron differently from how they view Bonds. People will view the 2017 world championship differently, but as this outcry continued and became more and more fervent, I’m open to the idea – and maybe Rob Manfred considers it too late and not necessary – but some sort of official record book notation that the 2017 World Series was not entirely authentic.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to famed baseball announcer and historian Bob Costas join The Herd to explain to Colin Cowherd why Major League Baseball should consider adding some sort of notation in their official record book next to the 2017 World Series, that would present some sort of asterisk next to the Astros’ championship.

The Astros instantly became one of the most infamous teams ever when their illicit sign-stealing scandal was exposed as arguably the most egregious form of cheating in sports history.

Check out the video above as Costas details why the Astros’ cheating was much more reckless than the performance-enhancing steroid era, and explains why the MLB needs to find a way to officially recognize how mischievous and tainted their World Series title really was.

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