"The weird thing about politics is that people in politics are like trolls -- they want to grab onto things really early even if they don’t like them because they want to be in. I actually had a committee that we formed to see what 2018 would look like -- People were volunteering their time to drive and have meetings in case I ran because they wanted to be in and I was like ‘Wow this is how this works?’"

Nationally syndicated radio host and Arkansas native Bobby Bones was on Outkick the Coverage talking about his desires to run for governor in the coming years. 

Bones, 36, said he's been putting out feelers the last few years to measure possible interest in a potential campaign and felt like there's a definitely a following out there to support the popular media personality.

The Hot Springs, AR. native tweeted earlier this year that he had even met with the state's current governor, Asa Hutchinson, about his interest in the position.